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Welcome to the Lymn Bank Farm Cheese Company online shop. Here you’ll find all our delicious handcrafted cheeses and a range of speciality foods from carefully selected producers in the UK. 

Lymn Bank Farm is a family run business based in Lincolnshire. We have been handcrafting quality cheeses on our farm since 2004. After moving to Lincolnshire, we were keen to start a new venture, so we began looking around for ideas. A friend was making a good living smoking cheese, so we decided to give it a try. To our surprise, after setting up a stall at the Louth Christmas market, our first batch sold out within hours. And the Lymn Bank Farm Cheese Company was born. 

Cheesemaking and selling quickly became a seven-day-a-week job, and we gradually built the business up over the next seven years. There is now a small team of cheese lovers working for us and selling our products at events throughout Lincolnshire and beyond, which allows us more time to focus on doing what we do best — making exceptional cheese on our farm.

We pride ourselves on handcrafting quality cheeses with unique tastes and textures. The cheesemaking process is a labour of love for us. Creating a new variety takes time and patience. Some of our best selling Lymn Bank Farm cheeses take several years to develop. Our artisan cheeses are made from locally sourced milk and lovingly nurtured using traditional methods to achieve an exceptional depth of flavour.

There are three ranges to explore — signature barrels, Nibble Nose wax truckles and artisan cheeses

Lymn Bank Farm 145g signature barrels of cheddar come in a wide variety of flavours from traditional applesmoked to hot n spicy. This is the cheese that started it all and it continues to be one of our most popular. 

Nibble Nose cheeses are available in a rainbow of waxed coverings and mouth-watering flavours. Not only do they taste incredible, they look impressive too — a perfect addition to a gift hamper.

Our artisan cheese range includes the award-winning Skegness Blue and the visually striking Sunset Blue. We spend many months lovingly nurturing small batches of these unique creations and they sell out fast! 

Lymn Bank Farm is proud to operate as an independent family-run Lincolnshire business. Supporting our local community is important to us. We created the Just Jane range to raise funds for a local cause close to our hearts, and you may spot us at events throughout the area — come and say hello! We love seeing people enjoy our cheeses and hearing your feedback. By involving our potential customers in taste testing, we have learned that today’s palates lean more towards smoother textures and creamier tastes. This has allowed us to create cheeses we know you’ll love. Over the last 13 years, we have never compromised on the quality of our products and only release a cheese when we know it is the best it can be.

We are continually developing new cheeses and expanding our online deli area. Our family has travelled throughout the country to discover the best food producers to deliver the quality Lymn Bank Farm customers expect and deserve. You can count on us to provide exceptional quality and innovative gifts with a personal touch. Take a look around and check out our blog for inspiration on all things cheese-related! You can also find us on social media — check out the links below and pop by to say hi.

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