Large cheese Hamper


This hamper is definitely for the cheese lovers out there! Full to the brim with a great selection of our delicious cheeses all made here on the farm.

Mouth-watering Red Onion chutney and moreish crunchy oatcakes are included to make this the perfect gift for Birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries. Also the perfect size for family gatherings or lunch with friends.


Black Pepper Cheddar 145g

Our Cracked Black Pepper Cheddar blends creamy mature cheddar with a warming bite of cracked black pepper, creating a beautiful balance of flavours on the tongue.

Caramelised Red Onion Cheddar 145g

This smooth, creamy cheddar cheese is one of the most popular flavours in the Lymn Bank Farm range of Signature Cheese Barrels.

Hot n Spicy Cheddar 145g

Add a little kick to your cheese board or favourite meal with our tasty Hot N Spicy Cheddar Cheese Barrel.

Lymn Bank Strongest 145g

If you like your cheeses strong — this is the cheese for you. Slowly matured over many months or even years, our Strongest Cheddar Cheese is deliciously smooth and bursting with flavour.

Garden Herbs & Garlic 145g

This cheese bursts with flavour and makes a great addition to any cheeseboard alongside grapes and sweet chutney.

Cranberry Cheddar 145g

The Cranberry Cheddar Cheese from our Signature Cheese range blends juicy cranberries with a creamy mature cheddar. It’s an absolute favourite among our customers who have given it stellar reviews.

Smoked Cheddar 200g

One of our most popular waxed truckles, a deliciously creamy Apple Smoked Cheddar Cheese.

Orange & Whisky Cheese 200g

Oranges with a drop of whisky in a beautiful smooth mature cheddar. Perfect for an after-dinner treat sliced thinly on Oatcakes or as a sweet and tasty snack.

Chilli Cheese 200g

This chilli cheese is infused with jalapeños and bell peppers, which makes for the ideal cheese gift for any chilli lover.

Cranberry Cheese 200g

Plump juicy cranberry’s incorporated into a beautiful smooth mature cheddar. Perfect on an Oatcake for an after dinner treat. Don’t forget it’s a must for your Christmas Cheeseboard!

Garlic & Chive Cheese 200g

Moreish Garlic and Chive in a smooth mature cheddar cheese truckle encased in white wax. This mouthwatering cheese is perfect on its own, on a cracker or grated onto spaghetti for an indulgent lunch.

Caramelised Red Onion Cheese 200g

The best home made Caramelised Red Onion Chutney (made here on the farm) blended into a smooth mature cheddar Cheese. Pure Food

Just Jane Vintage 200g

The tangy flavour and creamy texture from our Vintage Cheddar make this a fantastic cheese for any cheeseboard.

Heart of Lincolnshire 200g

Our Heart of Lincolnshire cheese is made on the family farm here at Lymn Bank. This deliciously mature and flavoursome cheddar is encased in a pretty pink wax.

Stockans Oatcakes 200g

Stockans Traditional Thick Oatcakes are the perfect match to any of our delicious cheeses.

Tiptree Red Onion Chutney 220g

The red onion chutney is an all round favourite sweet, sticky and mouth-wateringly good this chutney was made for cheese.



  • All Cheeses – MILK
  • Red Onion 200g Nibble Nose Cheddar – GLUTEN
  • Red Onion 145g Cheddar – GLUTEN
  • Oatcakes – GLUTEN

Want to choose your own cheeses? Take a look at our build your own hamper option and make your hamper more personal. Choose from our wide range of cheeses and speciality foods.



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